Out of the Water, into the Sky

June 9, 2010

Check out this cartoon by Tom Toles. Putting a cap over the gushing wound of crude oil is a good idea. Unfortunately, it won’t do anything to fix the more commonplace forms of pollution. Even when everything is working “properly,” our desperate pursuit of petroleum has a terrible consequence for all living creatures on earth.

It’s uncomfortable to think that the disaster in the Gulf has something to do with my own lifestyle. Wouldn’t it be easier if we could just hate BP?

Here’s something you can do. As oil and gas spew into the Gulf, the Senate is scheduled to vote this Thursday on legislation that would strip the Environmental Protection Agency of its authority to reduce greenhouse gas pollution. Um… hello?

Please consider contacting your senators. Urge them to vote no on on S.J. Res. 26.

Capping the Spill


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